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Building Projects can be Tricky

J. O'lantern II

J. O’lantern

Halloween is filled with campy, silly traditions that appeal to people’s sense of fright. All in good fun, right? Well, psychologists tell us something that our own experience already confirms – many fears are based in the unknown and unexpected.

It’s no wonder then – the prospect of designing and constructing a building can be a frightful undertaking for a business owner. Most business people know their area of commerce, but aren’t necessarily familiar with design, permitting, and construction. For them, there are plenty of unknown and unexpected aspects to a building project.

Fire Wall

Look What’s Hiding Above Your Ceiling

Is this you?

If you are facing these fears, I have a treat for you. Thousand Story Studio offers a special consultation session that addresses the three main risks that a business owner faces when considering a building project – and an effective way to deal with those risks. Please check out this video [LINK HERE]. Then, when you’re ready move forward with your project, sign up for the affordable consultation with Thousand Story Studio.


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