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Design & Construction Storyboard – Act One

One of the free resources featured on the Thousand Story Studio website is the Design & Construction Storyboard.


In a previous post I took a moment to explain the “why” behind the Design & Construction Storyboard. Feel free to back up and check that out [HERE].

The Design & Construction Storyboard is divided into Three Acts:

  • Act One – Pre-design
  • Act Two – Design
  • Act Three – Construction

(Note: As I’m sure you know, the film and literature references employed here are not standard architectural terms. They are used to equate the design and construction process to something we’re all familiar witha well-told story.)



All the research you have been doing – the online search that brought you to this blog post – is part of your project’s pre-design. This is Act One.

Many shoppers look online before making day-to-day purchases. How much more would someone want to conduct extensive research before investing in a construction project?

Is this you?

You’ve reached the point where your home business needs a new address or perhaps it’s time to renovate or expand your current place of business. Who knows, you may even be considering a brand new building.

The steps you’ll want to take, the related costs, and what to expect in this information-gathering phase are all spelled out in the Design & Construction Storyboard.


Eventually you will want to meet with an Architect. You can check other websites or you can just pick up the phone and call somebody – and hope they are ready to discuss your project. Or for a more you-centered approach, read on!

To this end, Thousand Story Studio offers a series content-rich offerings to help you move forward. In addition to the free Design & Construction Storyboard, you can schedule a free 30-minute call (by visiting [HERE] and selecting the “free 30 minute phone call” service from the roll-down menu and clicking on a green date and time), or you can schedule an in depth, face-to-face meeting for a reasonable price (by visiting [HERE] and selecting the “Project Prologue™ Consultation” service and choosing a date and time). Here is a short video to help you evaluate the Project Prologue™ offer – just click [HERE].

B&C Storyboard Act 1 Sheet

There is a lot to consider in this first act of your Architectural Story. Please use all of the recourses provided by Thousand Story Studio – online and in person – to make the most of your pre-design research. Future posts will address the subsequent acts of your Architectural Story.

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