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This is my contribution to this month’s ArchiTalks topic, “Mentorship.”

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Over the years I’ve taken part in various professional mentorship programs. One was intended to span educational and professional institutions to make a profound impact on architecture students; it never got of the ground. A couple of other mentorship arrangements were clandestine, where the employer paired me with a struggling peer to help bring them along, without imposing on them the stigma of publicly being a mentee. These relationships had limited success.

“Stock Mentorship Photo”

I believe the best mentorship happens naturally, in the workplace, in between deadlines. I’ve received (and given, I trust) great insight about Architecture and Life in these informal settings.

I’ve always loved imparting what I know about this profession to others. That’s why I spend so much time writing about Architecture. I hope to “mentor” a wide audience of readers to understand what we Architects do and why it is so valuable.

By the way, did you know the word mentor comes from the world of storytelling? Mentor was friend and father-figure in Homer’s epic The Odyssey. Here’s a short podcast from Merriam-Webster: “Mentor.”

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