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A Few Words About ArchiTalks

From time to time someone asks me about the ArchiTalks blog series.

The series was founded by one of the premiere architectural bloggers, Bob Borson, FAIA. For many years Bob has been posting interesting posts about what it’s like to be and/or to work with an Architect. Bob has a great since of humor that keeps readers coming back. I appreciate how his audience goes far beyond our profession. I believe the world needs to know what we architects do and Bob’s “Life of an Architect” does that very well.

Each month an ArchiTalks topic is announced and the growing group of students, designers, and architects weigh in on the subject. The array of viewpoints and experiences is amazing. Each post lists links to the other architects’ blog posts, thus sharing the audience and growing the following of new readers.

Often my take on a given topic will reflect my interest in media, entertainment, brain science, storytellingĀ orĀ faith.

If you have any specific questions – or would like to participate – please drop me a line and I’ll help you get connected.

Here is the content calendar for ArchiTalks in 2017. It’s going to be a great year:

ArchiTalks #23 ~ Date: February 14th ~ Theme: Style

ArchiTalksĀ #24 ~ Date: March 14 ~Ā Theme: House or Home?

ArchiTalksĀ #25 ~ Date: April 11th ~ Theme: Architecture of Change

ArchiTalksĀ #26 ~ Date: May 9th ~ Theme: Advice for Clients

ArchiTalksĀ #27 ~ Date: June 13th ~ Theme: Mentorship

ArchiTalksĀ #28 ~ Date: July 11th ~ Theme: Moonlighting

ArchiTalksĀ #29 ~ Date: August 8th ~Theme: Homecoming

ArchiTalksĀ #30 ~ Date: September 12th ~Theme: Ugly

ArchiTalksĀ #31 ~ Date: October 10th ~ Theme: The Architectural Registration Exam

ArchiTalksĀ #32 ~ Date: November 14th ~Theme: Eureka!

ArchiTalksĀ #33 ~ Date: December 12th ~ Theme: Choices

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