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Architecture Firm Launches Website – What’s in it For You (Press Release)



And What’s in it For You

Thousand Story Studio, an architecture firm in Huntsville, Alabama, announces its new website and blog: Many people will live their entire lives without ever having the opportunity to work with an architect. So, why should the average citizen be interested in an architecture firm’s website? That’s a good question with three simple answers; initiation, insight, and investment.

First, architecture is everywhere – but not always appreciated. Every place we live, work, shop, and learn has been designed for that specific purpose. The weekly blog, “One More Story” will initiate the reader into the fascinating world of the built environment, often with references to news events or popular culture. This will foster the readers’ relationship with architecture in an engaging way.

Second, architecture is public – but not always understood. For example, when the reader’s school board announces plans for a new high school, or their medical provider moves into a new facility, or a local place of worship begins raising funds for a new addition – what are the implications to the public? What are the costs? What are the benefits? What are the environmental impacts or payoffs? These practical aspects of design and construction will be explored on the website (through case studies, media accounts, and public records) giving readers more insight into the role of architecture in their community.

Third, architecture is expensive. This applies to only the narrowest strata of the website’s readers – but it will be the focus of the richest content.  Thousand Story Studio will offer a valuable range of free and affordable resources to owners who are planning to relocate or expand their business. Interested readers will also be able to join the Thousand Story Fellowship, a community of business people and entrepreneurs sharing ideas about design and construction. Fellowship members will receive a monthly newsletter plus video recordings to answer common architecture questions. This content will address architecture as an investment – to promote excellent “brick and mortar” business solutions.

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