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Architecture in Movies

I’m writing this as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has their annual awards gala downstairs somewhere.


I’ve always been a big movie fan but it’s been a big, busy year of transitions for me and I just haven’t seen many of the nominated films. I comment, mostly on Twitter, but also in my previous blog, that there are too few movies with architectural themes. Architecture Holds a Thousand Stories but they don’t make it to the big screen.

Architecture and filming are both highly visual productions however and occasionally a film uses a noteworthy architectural setting as a backdrop for the action.

Writer Samuel Medina at Architizer has provided this collection of twenty such films.

20 Movies with Stunning Architecture in the Staring Role

The Guggenheim; photo: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation/David Heald

  • Which of these are your favorite?
  • What other architectural landmarks would look good on film?
  • What “Architectural Stories” would you like to see in film?

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