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Architecture of Change

This is my contribution to this month’s ArchiTalks topic, “Architecture of Change.”

The other posts are linked below; you can also find them on Twitter by following the hashtag, #ArchiTalks.



I once thought that Architecture served as a record of a society’s political and economic influences (as much as its aesthetic aspirations), and that Architecture – at its best – embodied the spirit of an age. I’m sure that was true in times past. I still believe the built environment (bound by laws of physics and increasing regulation) will be the last – and lasting – manifestation of a given period.

The Architect’s Dream by Thomas Cole

But can Architecture foster change? Can it adapt to change? Can change be “architected”? I’ll leave exploration of those ideas to my fellow architect-bloggers. Please check out their posts listed at the end of this article.


I know one thing about change. (Here’s where I ascend my soapbox.) I know what does bring about societal change.


Legends that inspire, journalism that informs, fiction that captivates; these are the progenitors of change. “Those who tell the stories rule society.” (Plato, 4th Century BC)

Good intentions and skillful design alone will not bring about the change most architects seek. From within our profession there needs to be a band of storytellers who write, film, develop, and produce the works that will shape our culture.

I’ve said for years that “Architecture holds a thousand stories”. Currently our profession is a closed book. Let’s learn to open the book and share the stories.

That will certainly usher in the Architecture of Change.

Tools for Storytelling

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  1. Jim mehaffey /Reply

    I find truly successful buildings take not only thoughtful design, but changes to the status quo in any building type also takes ‘buy in’ from the client and end users, if not the same people exactly. Telling the story can help with that. Thanks, Jim.

  2. michele /Reply

    i think i have a lot of stories and i think i’ve told a few of them, we’ve all told a few of them, but we’ll always have more!
    thanks for taking the time to always tell some of yours 🙂

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