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Are Architects Necessary?

The current edition of Work Design Magazine asks and answers this question in their article showing some creative things one company did to remodel a workspace. The featured firm is Zeeto Media, a San Diego-based tech company. Being staffed by creatives, they took a DYI approach to much of the space. Check out the LINK to see the rest of their interior shots.


Zeeto Media Interior

To it’s credit, the article also begins and ends with the stipulation of when you DO need an Architect.

“Registered Architects are trained in understanding building codes, fire and life safety, structural limitations, emergency egress, and materials. They are required to stamp and certify drawings where changes to are made to existing conditions that impact those concerns.”

Thousand Story Studio can handle these necessary things when you are ready to redesign, expand or reloate your workspace.

You can keep up with workplace design issues by reading Work Design Magazine. The article referenced here is “Are Architects Necessary?” by Tierney Plumb, October 2013 ”Work Design Magazine.”


  1. Bruce Mitchinson /Reply

    As am architect, I am often tasked with correcting mistakes made in DIY projects. These can be simple things, like acoustic considerations, that don’t have to meet building code requirements, but extremely important for productivity in a workplace.
    When things don’t meet regulations this can involve a lot of time in discussion with building inspectors but this is nothing compared to the overall cost of putting it right.
    The gloss can come off an exciting remodel pretty quickly when we have to come in and take things apart to correct mistakes.
    It would have been less grief, and a fraction of the cost if they had come to see us first.

    1. Collier Ward /Reply

      I agree, Bruce.
      It’s like the saying, “measure twice, cut once.” Consulting with an architect in the beginning of a project can save all manner of grief later.
      Keep up the good work in Auckland!

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