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Design & Construction Storyboard – Introduction

One of the free resources featured on the Thousand Story Studio website is the Design & Construction Storyboard.

I want to examine this document in some depth so readers here will get the most out of it when considering an upcoming commercial architecture project.


Please let me take a moment and explain the “why” behind the Design & Construction Storyboard.

I established Thousand Story Studio to serve entrepreneurs and small business owners who know their market well – but may not know what to expect in the design, permitting, and construction process. I want to be an ongoing source of online content for such business people; providing them useful information and stories even before they need to hire an architect. The Design & Construction Storyboard is an easy way for a merchant to become familiar with the basic concepts and terminology before they try to get started with a project.

If you haven’t worked with an Architect before, please visit the About page [HERE] to learn more about Thousand Story Studio’s unique approach.

TSS Tagline

The Design & Construction Storyboard is divided into Three Acts:

  • Act One – Pre-design
  • Act Two – Design
  • Act Three – Construction

In the next three blog posts, I will focus on each of these three Acts in your “Architectural Story.”

Please go ahead and download the Design & Construction Storyboard [HERE] and take a good look. Contact me if you have any pressing questions – and feel free to leave any comments below.



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