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Fun with Stock Photos

If you blog for business or pleasure you’ve probably struggled with getting great images that aren’t encumbered by cost or copyright. The cheap, legal solution is to use free stock photo images – there are plenty out there – but they tend to be the visual equivalent of canned laughter.

Boy Thinking

In my field – Architecture – the selection of stock images is particularly laugh-inducing (or groan-inducing). Hand the model a roll of drawings or a hard hat and there you have it – the universal symbol of an Architect. Why not have five people crowded around a set of drawings, each pointing thoughtfully at some particular detail? That’s a picture that’s worth a thousand  about thirteen words!



I say all of this to introduce you to a set of stock images that really are funny, in a self-parody sort of way. Twentieth Century Fox and iStock by Getty Images have teamed up to promote the new film, Unfinished Business. They’ve released a series of images in the “stock photo” motif. They feature Vince Vaughn and his costars in various familiar groupings within an antiseptic office setting. I’m pretty sure these aren’t production stills here.



I point you now (thoughtfully, using a fine fountain pen, in my outstretched hand, as a trio of well-posed coworkers look on) to the article in AdWeek for the story and all the images. Click [HERE] and enjoy. I can’t wait to see where these images end up!

Come to think of it, if I give Mr. Vaughn a set of “blueprints” he’d look good on my new brochure!*

Business fulfills each and every one of them

*Just kidding. These images are not licensed for commercial use.



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