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House or Home? A Choice of Terms

This is my contribution to this month’s ArchiTalks topic, “House or Home?”

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In a sense the topic of “House or Home?” is out of my league. I’ve been practicing architecture for over twenty-five years but have done very little single-family residential design. I admire my colleagues who have focused on creating homes for their clients and I invite you to read their ideas on this subject – they’re all linked at the bottom of this post.

When I thought about this title I was drawn to the two words. “House” and “home” have three letters in common, they have overlapping contexts, and are loosely interchangeable (when defined loosely or used inattentively). They are similar, but different. They are elementary proof that communicating about buildings can involve all sorts of verbal mishaps.

When we look at a set of building plans, the face of a building is called an “elevation,” yet it may have a set of vertical targets indicating “elevations” above grade. If there’s a common meaning there, it escapes me.

The parts of a door frame could be “head” and “jambs” ~ or “bucks” if you find yourself talking to an older carpenter. And that’s before you get into industry terms and regulatory language. That takes special training. Some of us need a trade expert to correctly identify door hardware.

I have a notion than much of the confusion in our construction terminology and design jargon can be traced back (metaphorically if not theologically) to the Tower of Babel.

Confusion of Tongues by G. Dore

Remember when the powers that be chose to confound the builders’ language rather than let them forge a central city and tower? People were supposed to fill the earth, not over-build in one part of it. They broke off into fractured language groups and built their similar but different ziggurats and pyramids and temples and towers around the globe.

Okay, that’s probably enough Sunday School for this post.

My point is that as architects we have a the opportunity – and the responsibility – to select the right terms and to tell the right stories in order to engage our clients and the culture at large. Remember the quote often attributed to Plato; “Those who tell the stories rule society.”

Plato Storytelling Quote

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  1. Jim Mehaffey /Reply

    Always extremely impressed by the breadth of the subject matter by our group. Tower of Babel – that is an angel I did not see coming!

  2. Steve Ramos /Reply


    Great story! A very creative spin on House or Home. You are on to something about storytellers. Or I guess Plato was on to something. Cheers! – Steve

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