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LEGO Tower Demolition

I’ve been known to warn parents that LEGO® is the gateway toy to a career in Architecture. So, with that said – you’ve been warned – don’t let the little ones see this!

Now, if there’s one thing better than building a LEGO® structure, it’s watching gravity un-build a LEGO® structure.

LEGO White House

Huntsville’s David Nuttall proved that to a crowd gathered at his Lowe Mill studio recently when he toppled a magnificent 12 foot tall LEGO® tower of his own making.

David is a cartographer and artist and the owner of Artimaps, where he produces, displays, and sells “hand drawn plausible fictitious maps.” (Please click [HERE] to see the gallery.)

Where David’s maps are plausible, well researched, and generally horizontal, he envisioned his oh-so-vertical creation as an “improbable tower.” What I find most improbable is that the tower was first created in his home. He later decided to move it to his Lowe Mill location, next to the window, as a device to beckon passersby.

Says David of the transfer;

I had to break the structure into about 2ft sections, place each on a piece of plywood, make two careful trips to the Mill in our vehicle, then re-assemble. The re-building took 20 hours.

The tower was composed of 15,286 bricks. David knows because he spent 8 hours counting them. So many people were asking about the brick count – what else could he do?

Okay, without further ado, let’s see what 12 vertical feet of 15 thousand LEGO® bricks look like when a man crawls under table and upends the base…

Spectacular, right? Feel free to comment below – or share a link to your own tower demolition!





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